From its inception in 1903, the Catholic Daughters of the Americas has grown and developed into one of the largest organizations of Catholic women in the Americas. Under the patronage of the Blessed Mother, its members are united by their faith in Jesus Christ and their devotion to the Church and the Holy See

The purposes of the organization are to participate in the religious, charitable and educational Apostolates of the Church. Catholic Daughters of the Americas engages in creative and spiritual programs which provide its members with the opportunity to develop their special God-given talents in a meaningful way to positively influence the welfare of the Church and all peoples throughout the world.

Mission Statement

Catholic Daughters of the Americas strives to embrace the principal of faith through love in the promotion of justice, equality and the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all.

Above was taken from the Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Our Patroness
Mary, Mother of God

The Virgin Mary Hail Mary, full of grace
The Lord is with you
Blessed are you, amoung women
And blessed is the fruit
of your womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for us sinners,
Now and at
the hour of our death,

"In dangers, in doubts, in difficulties, think of Mary, call upon Mary.
Let not her name depart from your lips, never suffer it to leave your heart.
And to more surely obtain the assistance of her prayer,
neglect not to walk in her footsteps!"
St. Bernard of Clairvaux


The Catholic Daughters of the Americas motto is "Charity and Unity."

Founded over 100 years ago, in 1903 by the Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daughters of the Americas is one of the oldest and largest Catholic organizations for women today.

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About Catholic Daughters of the Americas (CDA)

Catholic Daughters of the Americas provides its members with updated programs to serve the current needs of church and country.

The programs cover a vast scope of activities beginning at the parish level and expanding into all concerns of today's church and society.

Regular meetings of the local courts are held once a month, with a minimum of 10 meetings a year.

We encourage all Catholic women 18 years and older to join the Catholic Daughters of the Americas to share their responsibility.

On the National Level, if you have an interest in forming a Court and/or obtaining more information, visit Catholic Daughters of the Americas Who / Why / What page.

Our National Regent, Shirley Seyfried, shared her theme and goals for the next two years at the 55th Biennial National Convention on Saturday, July 19, 2014 saying, and I quote,

The theme for the next two years, I quote from Matthew 25:40, ‘whatever you do for the least of my brethren, you do for me.’

My goals as National Regent for the next two years are 3-fold, using that theme:

I would like to ask each court to do one new program in the next two years — maybe you go to a pregnancy home or on a mission trip. Start a new project in your court and let me hear about it. Please write up your projects and send them to me. I would like to feature some projects in SHARE Magazine. I would like us to be able to exchange ideas. We will also establish a spot on the website where you can look at the website for project. I ask for two new projects, one each year.

My second goal is membership. We’ve been saying this for a number of years. We are really going to work hard to change that downward turn in the next two years. I’ve asked Olga Samaniego to chair membership. Olga has a great history in recruiting to start new courts. She started 17 new courts in two years. She will have lots of ideas to get our membership going. We would like to see our numbers up over 100,000 again. We can do it, yes we can. We have to turn around this numbers decrease. When I first began as a Catholic Daughter we had over 150,000 members. We’ll have articles in SHARE and in the quarterly, we may even plan some regional workshops. We will be happy to help you, just invite us in.

The third goal is part of all we do as Catholic Daughters: increase our spirituality. Before everything we do, we pray for the success of the project. We have planned our second Catholic Daughters pilgrimage to help us increase our spirituality. In the fall of 2013 Father Gosnell led us on pilgrimage. We are going to Rome and Medjugorje.

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Contact National CDA

Catholic Daughters of the Americas Home Page

Catholic Daughters of the Americas National Office
10 West 71st Street
New York, NY 10023

National Executive Director
Mary Impellizeri 212-877-3041

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Home Court
Prince Gallitzin Court #2625
2009 – Charter Members

The institution of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Court Prince Gallitzin #2625, took place at Saint Rose of Lima Parish, at the 5:30 PM Mass, on Saturday, August 22, 2009, on the day of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Catholic Daughters of the Americas Patroness.

Prince Gallitzin Court #2625 Charter Members

The Lord God called and Abraham answered: 'Here I am!' Genesis 22:1

Seated: Nancy Collins, Treasurer; Dianne Hite, Vice Regent; Judy Wood, Regent; Father Timothy Grimme, Chaplin; Jennifer Brezler, Financial Secretary; Marian Airhart, Secretary
Center: Darlene Crum, Julia Scarfone; Sally Lockard; Victoria Montanaro; Beth Sanders; Diana Macharola; Regina Friedenberger; Jenn Hofer; Annette Ajay
Back: Karen Castagnola; Mary Kowalski; Jennifer Crum; Theresa DeAngelis; Donna Daley; Patricia Fromknecht; Mary Stoy
Absent: E. Rae Kapfhammer

We welcome any ladies, ages 18 and over, interested in furthering their spiritual and social life in our community to come and join us on the second Monday of the month. Please, refer to the Meeting Dates and Times or Contact Us sections for more information.

Newly Installed 2014-2016 Officers
June 9, 2014

♥ Regent: Karen Watt

♥ Vice Regent: Carol Galioto

♥ Recording Secretary: Judy Wood

♥ Financial Secretary: Regina Friedenberger

♥ Treasurer: Annette Ajay

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State Court

Our State Court's Website has been redesigned and has a new address! Please, stop by and visit!

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Mother Court
Court Our Lady of the Alleghenies #1755

In 2007 Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Court Our Lady of the Alleghenies #1755 celebrated its 50th anniversary at Saint Catherine of Siena Parish, Duncansville, with a Mass celebrated by Father John Slovikovski, pastor, assisted by Deacon Dan O’Dowd. Concelebrants were Monsignor Roy F. Kline and Father Anthony J. Legarski. From the Catholic Register, but 2007 is no longer online.

We are grateful to have such experience guide us along our journey, as we serve the people of God, near and far. Thank you, Court Our Lady of the Alleghenies #1755, for making the time and having the endless energy in guiding us along our journey.

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Our Patron ~ Servant of God ~ Prince Demetrius Gallitzin
"Apostle of the Alleghenies"

Prince Gallitzin was born December 22, 1770 at The Hague and died in Loretto, Pennsylvania on May 6, 1840. His life is one of service to God and His people. It is written that Prince Gallitzin was the first priest to receive all of his orders in preparation for the priesthood in the United States. Today, the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese has taken steps toward the Canonization of Prince Gallitzin.

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Circle of Love

The image above is symbolic of our CIRCLE OF LOVE program. By definition, a circle is a curved line with every point equal distance from the point of the center and bound together by the common interest. The seven point program of the CIRCLE OF LOVE is bound together by the common interest- LOVE.

The small heart in the center is taken from the logo of the HEART SPEAKS TO HEART program. By utilizing this portion of the logo and part of the Heart Speaks to Heart program that is compatible with the Circle of Love, a smooth transition occurs.
Taken from:

The Circle of Love is a National Program, focusing on: Leadership; Spiritual Enhancement; Quality of Life; Youth/JCDA (Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas); Education; Legislation; and Family.

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Altoona Parishes

Our group of active members are from all over the Altoona area, including: The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Holy Rosary, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Saint Therese the Child of Jesus, Saint Mary's - Altoona, and Saint Rose of Lima.

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Meeting Schedule

Membership Meetings are held the second Monday of the month, in the Saint Rose of Lima Social Hall, 5519 Sixth Avenue, Altoona, PA, beginning with a social at 6:30 PM, with the meeting beginning at 7:00 PM.

If you are interested and would like to learn more, ...

Come in and be Welcome!

Join us at any of our scheduled 2016 meetings!

January 11, 2016
February 8, 2016
March 14, 2016
April 11, 2016
May 9, 2016
June 13, 2016
No Meeting in July
No meeting in August
September 12, 2016
October 10, 2016
November 14, 2016
December 12, 2016
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Cash Card Rebate Program

An Easy and Profitable Fundraiser!

We encourage everyone to purchase gift cards on a regular basis!

It's easy ... It's profitable ... It's doable!

♥ We only accept checks or money orders made payable to: CDA #2625 Cash Cards, from patrons who have a completed Participation Agreement on file. Cash is not accepted.

♥ If this is your first time purchasing, please remember to include your completed Participation Agreement (form below). This Program can benefit Court Prince Gallitzin #2625 and the PA State Court!

♥ Visit Great Lakes Scrip Center for current participating retailers, current values, rebates, bonus rebates, and guidelines.

Cash Card Rebate Program Forms

Our Forms open with Adobe PDF Reader.
To read and print PDF documents, you will need to
download Acrobat Reader 11.0 or greater.
Visit Adobe Reader to obtain your free copy.

October 18, 2016: Participation Agreement

October 18, 2016: Order Form

As always, please refer to Great Lakes Scrip Center, for participating retailers, and their current values, rebates, and guidelines. All values and/or rebates are subject to change (increase or decrease) without any advance notice or knowledge.

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Cash Card Schedule

Please remember to get your paid Order Form order to Mary S. before 5:00 p.m. on Thursdays.

May God Bless you for your participation!

Join Court Prince Gallitzin #2625
Contact Us Locally

If you are interested in joining Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Court Prince Gallitzin #2625, or have any questions, please contact:

Judy Wood, Regent

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Thank you for visiting!
In Peace and Unity With Christ and One Another ...
We Bid You a Great Day!

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